Introduction to Infectious Disease Modeling


An introductory workshop on infectious disease modeling.

Jul 10, 2019 — Jul 11, 2019
Zhejiang CDC training course
Hangzhou, China


  • Install R and (optional) Rstudio.
  • Install the DSAIDE R package and take a brief look. This website provides instructions.
  • Optional: Read this paper which provides background reading for the “ID Control of multiple outbreaks” app in DSAIDE.


The following topics are covered in this workshop:

  1. Introduction to infectious disease modeling
  2. Some example models
  3. How to use simulation models
  4. Types of models
  5. Sources of uncertainty
  6. How to build (good) models
  7. How to assess modeling studies
  8. Active learning of infectious disease epidemiology

Presentation Slides

All pdf slides as zip file

Associate Professor

Data Analysis and Modeling with a focus on infectious diseases.