User-friendly software for simulation modeling of infectious diseases

An introduction ot infectious disease modeling and software to learn it.

Simulation modeling to inform COVID-19 control and vaccination strategies

A (virtual) presentation of some recent COVID-19 modeling work.

An overview of COVID-19 vaccines and modeling

A (virtual) presentation and discussion covering COVID-19 vaccines and modeling.

COVID-19: Modeling, Visualization and Data Analysis

A (virtual) presentation at Virginia Tech discussing some recent projects related to COVID-19 modeling and analysis.

Modeling COVID-19

A (virtual) presentation at the University of British Columbia discussing some recent COVID-19 modeling projects.

Population-level patterns of COVID-19 and Flu: What should we expect?

A short talk given as part of an webinar on Battling Dual Threats: Flu and COVID-19 Converge hosted by MJH life sciences.

Studying COVID-19 Spread and Control

A (virtual) presentation at UGA's Global Health Institute discussing some recent COVID-19 work.

Some recent analysis and modeling applied to COVID-19

A (virtual) presentation at GA Southern discussing some recent COVID-19 projects.

Tuberculosis Superspreading

A presentation on some TB superspreading work I did for the EIA research group at UGA.

Reading, managing and publishing papers

A presentation for our departmental PhD students on various topics related to (peer reviewed) papers.